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Rotary Under Cap Compact Sterilizer

Rotary Under Cap Compact Sterilizer


Zecante's Rotary Under Cap Sterilizer is a compact unit that achieves full inversion for better than 60 seconds and

quick product change times while using minimum space and conveyor length. Its main body is 1200 mm long x 900mm wide x 1800mm high and requires only 2400mm of conveyor space. This model is aimed at operations with 3.5 – 4.5KLitre per hour hot filling rates. This is a cost optimised size. Higher rates can be achieved by lengthening the machine and minor changes to a conveyor.


This standard design handles bottles from 2.3L down to 200ml round, square or rectangular – at rates of 2200 bph x 2 litre bottles, 4000bph x 1 litre and up to 7500bph for smaller bottles. It will work with any type of cap and glass or PET containers . Product change requires only two or three minutes to swap colour-coded clip-in product lanes and program selection at a touch screen. Channel sets are customer specific and each set can accommodate more than one container type or style of a similar size or shape.


All container and product options can be pre-programmed to the touch-screen and others may be added on site. Lane capacity by container count is programmed and there are jam sensors, lanes can handle partial loads. In-feed, main body and out-feed guards have monitored Cat 3 safety sensors and operator reach protection.

Proudly invented in New Zealand. copyright. Zecante 2016. All rights reserved.