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Aluminum Skirt Cutter for Wine Bottles

The Problem of the Aluminium Screw Cap


The wide spread adoption of aluminium screw caps for bottling wine has seen the emergence of a new problem for bottlers.


What to do when a bottle on the production line fails the quality test and it needs to be reprocessed?


The cap and collar needs to be removed before the issue can be addressed.


If you’ve ever tried to remove the aluminium collar from a bottle you will understand how difficult it can be. And dangerous! One slip of that sharp knife and you get a bigger problem than just a failed bottle.


The Zecante Collar Cutter is a patented device to remove these collars safely and quickly.


Place the device on the bottle, squeeze the handle, pull down the lever and in just a few seconds, the collar is cut without damaging the bottle.


Since this is a product to fit a very small niche, mass production is not an option, so Zecante make each one of these by hand and ship directly to the end user, anywhere in the world.

Proudly invented and made in New Zealand. Copyright Zecante 2016. All rights reserved.


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Available in Australia from Steway Designs Pty Ltd, Adelaide