Innovation in Industry

Bidirectional, universal, self-aligning cylinder mount

- eliminates side load

- bi-directional

- universal

- self-aligning

- no high tolerances required

- one mount for top or side mounting

- one bolt/one hole

- no tool required to change a cylinder

- pin fits in from either side

- simplifies machine design

- simplifies machine maintenance

- dual axis




Self Aligning

Face Mounted

No tools required for installation

NZ Patent application # 723253

Body: glass reinforced Nylon 6        


Clevis Pin: 8mm stainless steel

Clevis Pin lever: 0.8mm spring steel

Bush: OD 14mm, ID 8mm


Suits cylinders 20-25mm

with patented quick-release clevis pin

Mounting bolt not included


An issue for engineers when designing machines that use pneumatic cylinders or actuators is converting linear movement into rotary movement. Rear or foot mounts allow movement only in one direction which means that side load is going to be applied to the foot mount as the actuator tries to move through the arc of the rotating work. The result over time can be fractured mounts and/or actuators. Engineers can build tolerances into their designs to account for this which can in turn reduce performance, or they can boost the strength of the actuator to resist the side load. Other options are a cumbersome design using opposing mounts to achieve a form of universal movement or an expensive mount utilizing ball joints.


None of these solutions are ideal. The Zecante Rotating Foot Mount allows movement in all directions and eliminates side load completely allowing more elegant design including face-mounting the actuators. These features reduce cost, maintenance and the risk of sudden component failure. All of which is important to keep production lines operating. A failure of a cylinder or foot mount can result in the shut down of an entire production line resulting in losses for the company far in excess of the cost of the components.


A further patented feature of the Zecante mount is the quick release clevis pin. This allows for the actuator to be connected to the mount quickly without tools. There is no need for split pins, circlips or nuts. The quick release pin locks in place without effort. Maintenance engineers who have had to replace actuators in situ will attest to the frustration of dropping a split pin or circlip into the bowels of the machine whilst trying to lock down the cylinder. The Zecante clevis pin can be inserted into either side of the mount in seconds. This is particularly important where the actuator is located in hard to reach places.

What Issues Does it Solve?

Primarily in the design of new machines where it offers unique advantages over linear foot mounts and therefore simplifying design.


Replacement of linear mounts in existing machines is possible in the following situations:

1. For pneumatic round line actuators 20mm to 25mm only

2. Where access is possible to allow the drilling of an 8mm hole through the mounting base 10mm from the existing rear hole. For quantities, we can provide a drilling jig.